New Book – Africa and Competing Discourses on Development: Gender, Agency, Space and Representation

Africa and Competing Discourses on Development: Gender, Agency, Space and Representation

Editor: Maurice N. Amutabi and Linnet Hamasi





ISBN: 978-9966-1933-8-4


Cover for Africa and Competing Discourses on Development

Table of Contents


Dedication                                                                                                                              ii

Copyright                                                                                                                                iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                                                  iv



Maurice Nyamanga Amutabi                                                                                                 1


Chapter 1

Domesticating Democracy for Development Using Community Initiatives in Africa: A Polycentric Planning Perspective

By Samson R. Akinola                                                                                                           3


Chapter 2

Capitalist Accumulation and Development in Kenya: The struggle for Ascendancy of an Indigenous Bourgeoisie: 1945-2002”

By Kennedy Mokaya Moindi                                                                                                             16


Chapter 3

Dependency Syndrome and Obasanjo’s Policy Reforms: 1999-2007

By Agbo, Uchechukwu Johnson                                                                                            28


Chapter 4

Critical Analysis of Teacher Perceptions about Financial Management Guidelines Strategy in Developing Public Secondary Education in Kenya

By Jacinta Mary M Adhiambo  and Winston Jumba Akala                                                   47


Chapter 5

‘Soft’ Power   and Industrial Democracy:  Deconstructing the Chinese Presence in Southern Africa

By Langtone Maunganidze                                                                                                    64


Chapter 6

Influence of Supervision and Learning Materials on Effectiveness of Group Discussions as a Learning Strategy in Higher Education Institutions: a Case of St. Augustine University of Tanzania

By Daniel Oduor Onyango and Tangi, Felista                                                                       80


Chapter 7

Selecting and Using Listening Strategies in Kiswahili Teaching and Learning: Challenges Experienced by Secondary School Students and Teachers in Kenya

By Felicity Murunga                                                                                                               93


Chapter 8

Development forced migrations and social security in cities: Theoretical analysis

By Gilbert Kansiime Arinaitwe                                                                                              103


Chapter 9

Evaluation of Factors Leading to Loan Default an Banks in Kenya: Focus on Equity Bank

By Florence Chemtai and Ojala Daphen Otieno                                                                    127


Chapter 10

Critical thinking in Kenya Education for Poverty Eradication and Human Development

By Leen Kavulavu                                                                                                                  140


Chapter 11

Relationship between Porter’s Competitive Forces and Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises in Agro-food Industry in Kenya


By Omillo, Francis Okumu, Ng’ang’a Stephen Irura and Maina, Faith                                 146


Chapter 12

The Cooperative Movement and Savings Societies in Africa: The Case of Uganda

By Mugisha John Steve                                                                                                          159


Chapter 13

Vulnerable Groups and Social Protection in Kenya: Focus on Pastoralists of Northern Kenya

By Maurice N. Amutabi                                                                                                         178


Chapter 14

A Shift of the Kenyan Government Source of Funding from the West to East: An Empirical Review

By Carol Ayuma Okelo and Florence Chemtai                                                                      192


Chapter 15

The Role of Strategic Leadership in Building a Competitive Organization: The Case of Commercial Banks in Kenya

By Samson Ole Kisirkoi                                                                                                         196


Chapter 16

Quality Assurance and the Application of Legitimacy Model in Higher Education Institutions

By Lukwago Rashid and Peter Neema-Abooki                                                                     214


Chapter 17

Relationship between parenting styles and students discipline public secondary schools in Machakos County, Kenya: the naked truth

By Lewis Ngesu, Brenda Khanani and Lydiah Wachira                                                       220


Chapter 18

Forensic Accounting Practices in enhancing Governance in Kenya’s Corporations

By Dominic Abuga Omare, Evans Mweberi Omandi, Francis Nyarombe Nyachwaya and Enock Gideon Musau                                                                                                                                     226


Chapter 19

Education of the deaf and blind children: the Catholic Church’s transformational experience in Malawi and Kenya

By Sister Elizabeth Piliyesi                                                                                                     235


Chapter 20

The prospects and Challenges of the Gambia in ECOWAS: Implications of ECOWAS adoption of a Common Currency

By Gbadebo, Adedeji Daniel and Mohammed, Nuhu                                                           246


Chapter 21

Principles’ Challenges in Use of Suspensions as an Alternative Disciplinary Method in Management of Students’ Discipline in Kenya

By Janet K. Mulwa and Jeremiah M. Kalai                                                                            256


Chapter 22

Scientific Research and Innovation for Human Development: The Concept of Science Parks for Universities in Kenya

By Geoffrey Mwanza Muluvi, Jonathan Muema Mwania and Josphert Ngui Kimatu          266


Chapter 23

Language Colonization in Africa: Possibilities and Strategies of Linguistic Liberalization

By Hamisi Babusa                                                                                                                  273


Chapter 24

Pollution and waste management and

Sustainable Environment Resources through Town Planning in Kenya: with Special Reference to Seven Towns in Western Region

By Gilbert Nyakundi Okebiro                                                                                                278


Chapter 25

Bible-based environmental conservation for the 21st Century World

By Medard  Rugyendo                                                                                                           292


Chapter 26

Deconstructing the Framework for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Africa: A Focus on the African Union

By Paul Adole Ejembi                                                                                                            301


Chapter 27

A Study of Academic Stress among Teachers in Training in Special Education in Relation to Their Core Liestyles

By Afusat Olanike Busari                                                                                                       310





Chapter 28

Influence of Instructional Media on Quality Teaching and Learning in Selected Primary Schools in Eldoret

By Florence Jepkogei Boinet                                                                                                  323


Chapter 29

The Rise of Militant Islam Against Imperialism: A Critical Challenge to African Development in the 21st Century

By Yongo, David Dura                                                                                                          331


Chapter 30

Community Participation in Local Development Projects sponsored by Community Based Organizations in Kenya’s Ngong Constituency, Oloolua Ward of Kajiado North County

By Mercy Daina Olimba and Edwine Jeremiah Otieno                                                         343


Chapter 32

Structural and Institutional Issues in Higher Education Funding Strategies in Kenya: Focus on Public and Private Universities from 1963 to the present

By Maurice N. Amutabi                                                                                                         355


Chapter 33

The Paradox of Development in Kenya:  Focus on Webuye Pan African Paper Mills

By Pius Kakai Wanyonyi                                                                                                        383


Chapter 34

A Comparative Analysis of Physical Environment, Instructional Method and Language for Pupils with Special Needs Among African, Eastern and Western Countries

By Ishola Akindele Salami and Grace Chinenye, Nweke                                                      388


Chapter 35

Higher education and development: An analysis of the Kenyan university’s capacity to contribute to national development.

By Mwangi Chege                                                                                                                  398


Chapter 36

Criticality, Creativity and Entrepreneurship: The Link between Learning and Development in the 21st Century

By Francis Wokabi                                                                                                                 410




About African Interdisciplinary Studies Association Website

Prof. Maurice Nyamanga Amutabi is President of African Interdisciplinary Studies Association (AISA), a pioneer professional associaiton bringing together members from all disciplines in Africa and abroad. He is a former Fulbright Scholar who previously worked as Deputy Vice Chancellor at Kisii University and also Director of Research and Professor in Peace and Strategic Studies at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), 2010-2013. He has previously taught at Central Washington University, USA (2005-2010) in African Studies Programme and Moi University (1992-2000) in the Department of Development Studies and other public universities in Kenya. Prof. Amutabi holds a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA in History and African Studies. He received his B.A (Hons) in 1989 in Political Science and History and M.A in 1991 from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Maurice Amutabi is co-editor of Regime Change and Succession Politics in Africa: Five Decades of Misrule (with Shadrack Wanjala Nasong’o) – in 2013. Amutabi also co-edited Africa after Fifty Years: Retrospections and Reflections (with Toyin Falola and Sylvester Gundona) in 2012. Amutabi is the author of The NGO Factor in Africa: The Case of Arrested Development in Kenya (New York: Routledge, 2006). Amutabi is co-author of Nationalism and Democracy for People-Centered Development in Africa (Moi University Press, 2000). He has also co-authored Foundations of Adult Education in Africa (Cape Town/Hamburg: Pearson/UNESCO, 2005). He has written two novels, Because of Honor (a novel on Islam in Africa) and These Good People (a novel on corruption in Africa). Amutabi is also the author of Nakhamuma Stories (a collection of short stories from the Abaluyia community of western Kenya). His chapters have appeared in over thirty books. His articles have appeared in several refereed and reputable journals such as African Studies Review, African Contemporary Cultural Studies, Canadian Journal of African Studies, International Journal of Educational Development; and Jenda: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies. Amutabi has made presentations at over one hundred national and international conferences. Amutabi is the Vice-President of the Kenya Studies and Scholars’ Association (KESSA), Kenya’s premier research and academic organization. He is the editor-in-chief of Kenya Studies Review and Eastern Africa Journal of Humanities and Sciences. Prof. Amutabi has conducted extensive research on many issues of development. He has taught courses on peace and conflict and gender and development. He teaches in the PhD and Masters Programme in the Institute of Peace and Security Studies at Kisii University. He enjoys blogging and writing and is an avid sports fan, but does not support any of team, preferring to support the team that plays well.
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  1. Great minds tackling the Africa challenge…….kudos!

  2. nyarombe f says:

    great son of africa continue championing issues of africa.

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