New book: Globalization, Identity and Multiculturalism in Africa

Globalization, Identity and Multiculturalism in Africa

Cover Layout Book 2 – Globalization, Identity and Multiculuralism June 13, 2015

Editor: Maurice Nyamanga Amutabi


Dedication ii
Copyright iii
Acknowledgement iv

Maurice N. Amutabi 2

Chapter 1
Failed States, Weak States and Collapsed States in Africa: Expressing the Sub-Saharan Experience
Shivachi Mbapale, .Judah.M. Ndiku, Kennedy Onkware and Shitote Zachariah 3

Chapter 2
The Theory of Affinity and Proximity in Peace and Conflict Studies in Africa: More Prisms and Parameters for Analysis
Maurice Nyamanga Amutabi 11

Chapter 3
Ethics and Globalization
Zechariah Manyok Biar 22

Chapter 4
Digital Rights Management (DRMs) Effects on Information Use: a Kenyan Perceptive
Jotham M. Wasike 34

Chapter 5
Politics of Law Making in Kenya and Representation of Women in National Assembly of Kenya: Focus on the Marriage Act and Matrimonial Property Act of 2013/2014
Aleso S. Wangamati and Robert Mbeche 42

Chapter 6
The Hidden Submerged Culture a Hindrance to Harmony: a Case of Abagusii Folklore
Opande Nilson Isaac 57

Chapter 7
Threats of Patriarchy to Development: A Case of Endangered Kenyan Women
Benson Omor, Emily Murungi and Lawrence Njoroge 66

Chapter 8
Social Market Economy as a Substitute Political Paradigm for Tanzania’s Development
Burhan, Ahmad Mtengwa 76

Chapter 9
Factors Influencing Employee Turnover amongst Trained Teachers in Public Secondary Schools in Kisii Central District, Kisii County, Kenya
Stella Moraa Omari and Josephine Morangi Onsongo 87

Chapter 10
A Framework on Effects of Internet Research on Increased Food Production
Nicodemus Aketch Ishmael, Dismas Ombuya and Susan Mwangi 115

Chapter 11
Assessment of Seventh-Day Adventist Church’s contribution and influence to the development of Post-Secondary Education in South Nyanza According to Bosch’s Mission Paradigm theory
Maangi Eric N, Evans O Nyamwaka, H. M Mochama and Lydiah K Momanyi 127

Chapter 12
Interrogating Electronic Tax Filing in small and Medium Enterprises in Kenya: A Case of Mombasa Island’s Central Business Area
Caroline Ayuma Okelo, Gregory S. Namusonge and Mike E. Iravo 137

Chapter 13
Representation on University Prospectuses: A Comparative Discourse and Genre Analysis of the Text of the Prospectuses of Kenyan Universities
Rono Lillian and Bartoo Phyllis 146

Chapter 14
Globalization and Enhancing Productivity in Agriculture and Food Security in Kenya
Gilbert Nyakundi Okebiro 158

Chapter 15
Effective Open and Distance Education: Converging All Media Technologies in the Computer
Manyara Joseph Nyaburi and Mohammed Manu 167

Chapter 16
The effects of High Student-Teacher Ratio on Academic Performance in Universal Secondary Schools in Uganda: the Case study- Mbale municipality
Gidudu Hannah Lunyolo, Mary Manana, Lillian Gimuguni and Nandutu Janet 174

Chapter 17
Globalization, Health and Development: Emerging Health Issues and Development Trends in Africa
Nguka Cornell Magak Oooko 180

Chapter 18
Teaching for Critical Reflective thought in Universities in Africa: Case of Selected Universities in Uganda
Jesca Mary Kusuro, Nandutu Janet, Gidudu Hannah Lunyolo, Lillian Gimuguni and Mary Manana 192

Chapter 19
Oral Literature, Morality and the Emergence of Global Cultural Trends in Kenya
Vincent Odhiambo Oduor 207

Chapter 20
The role of Internal Audit in Financial Reporting: Case Study of Mbale Municipal Local Government council (MMLGC)
Sam Mankind Wasike 217

Chapter 21
Integration of Information Communication Technology in Management of Secondary Schools in Bungoma Central Sub County, Kenya
Anne N. Kukali 229

Chapter 22
Market-based Renewable Energy Development Initiatives and their impact on Rural Livelihoods in Laikipia District, Central Kenya
Oscar Wambuguh 237

Chapter 23
Challenges of Urban Youth Employment in Tanzania: Youths and Employers’ Perspectives
Elinami Veraeli Swai 262

Chapter 24
Television in Open and Distance Education in Africa: Focus on Kenya
Manyara Joseph Nyaburi and Mohammed Manu 288

Chapter 25
Colonial Legacy a Challenge to African Development in the 21st century
Zara E. Kwaghe 294

Chapter 26
Assessment of Phytoplankton Diversity, Abundance and Spatial and Temporal Distribution Patterns along the Nyanchwa-Riana River Flowing Through Kisii Town, Kenya
George M. Ogendi, A. M. Getabu, James M. Onchieku, J. M. Babu 307

Chapter 27
Development for Peace in Africa: Does Development Reduce Conflicts in Africa
Anderson Ziro Ndumbu, Amir Mohyuddin, Boniface Onyango, Lawrence Njoroge 331

Chapter 28
Evaluation of yield performance of pearl millet genotype (Pennisetum glaucum (L) R.Br)) in arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya
Nicholas K. Lagat K. Kimurto, Oliver Kiplagat and Kassim M. Tuwei 338

Chapter 29
Wheat Seed Dissemination and Production by Small Holder Farmer Groups-Training and follow- up
Nyakwara Zilpher, Karani Lucy, Njau Peter, Muchui Juda and Cheruiyot Duncan 346

Chapter 30
Curriculum Management and Students’ Academic Performance in Secondary Education in Uganda: A Case Study of Mbale District Rural Secondary Schools
Lillian Nabaasa Gimugumi, Nandutu Janet, Bekoreire Mary Baremirwe, Gidudu Hannah Lunyolo, Jesca Kusuro Yego and Mary Manana 356

Chapter 31
Positron-impact Excitation of the Lowest Auto ionizing State in Rubidium Atom Using Distorted Wave Method
Alex Marucha, Chandra D. Singh and John Okumu 369

Chapter 32
Factorial Analysis on the Effect of NPK Fertilizer, Micronutrients and N-Placement on the Growth and Yield of Sunflower
O. P. Popooola, O. A. Alawade, E.O Ogunjobi and A.W. Ayanrinde 382

Chapter 33
Indigenous language and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: The case of Tiv Language in Benue State.
Jija, Terseer 393

Chapter 34
Rural Neglect and Urban Attention in the Fight against HIV and AIDS in Africa: The Case of North Central Nigeria, 1986-2012
Ugbegili Igbasue Sylvester 405

Chapter 35
The Effect of Women Savings in Self Help Group (SHG) In Enhancing Self-Economic Empowerment
Sambu Charity Chepchirchir 419

Chapter 36
Management of Test Anxiety in Students with Learning Disabilities and Hearing Impairment
Oladele Adetoun Olubanke, Ogunwale Oluwatoyin Racheal and Azanor Friday Ovie 429

Chapter 37
Vocational Rehabilitation or Training of Persons with Special Needs for Economic Empowerment
Ogunwale Oluwatoyin Racheal 437

Chapter 38
HIV and AIDS Education in Secondary Schools in Kenya: Interrogating Interventions, Risks and Exposure
Noel Malanda, Wycliffe H. Odiwuor, Thoedore M. O Ayodo and Everlyne Saisi 444

Chapter 39
Ecological Impact of Channelization on River Basin Utilization in Eastern Uganda: The Case of Doho Rice Scheme, River Manafwa in Tororo District, Uganda
Oketch Chombo 458
Chapter 40
Potential of Grevillea Robusta Tree Species as an Alternative Engineering Material for the Construction and Furniture Industry in Kenya
James Onchieku, J. Githiomi and P. Oballa 472



About African Interdisciplinary Studies Association Website

Prof. Maurice Nyamanga Amutabi is President of African Interdisciplinary Studies Association (AISA), a pioneer professional associaiton bringing together members from all disciplines in Africa and abroad. He is a former Fulbright Scholar who previously worked as Deputy Vice Chancellor at Kisii University and also Director of Research and Professor in Peace and Strategic Studies at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), 2010-2013. He has previously taught at Central Washington University, USA (2005-2010) in African Studies Programme and Moi University (1992-2000) in the Department of Development Studies and other public universities in Kenya. Prof. Amutabi holds a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA in History and African Studies. He received his B.A (Hons) in 1989 in Political Science and History and M.A in 1991 from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Maurice Amutabi is co-editor of Regime Change and Succession Politics in Africa: Five Decades of Misrule (with Shadrack Wanjala Nasong’o) – in 2013. Amutabi also co-edited Africa after Fifty Years: Retrospections and Reflections (with Toyin Falola and Sylvester Gundona) in 2012. Amutabi is the author of The NGO Factor in Africa: The Case of Arrested Development in Kenya (New York: Routledge, 2006). Amutabi is co-author of Nationalism and Democracy for People-Centered Development in Africa (Moi University Press, 2000). He has also co-authored Foundations of Adult Education in Africa (Cape Town/Hamburg: Pearson/UNESCO, 2005). He has written two novels, Because of Honor (a novel on Islam in Africa) and These Good People (a novel on corruption in Africa). Amutabi is also the author of Nakhamuma Stories (a collection of short stories from the Abaluyia community of western Kenya). His chapters have appeared in over thirty books. His articles have appeared in several refereed and reputable journals such as African Studies Review, African Contemporary Cultural Studies, Canadian Journal of African Studies, International Journal of Educational Development; and Jenda: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies. Amutabi has made presentations at over one hundred national and international conferences. Amutabi is the Vice-President of the Kenya Studies and Scholars’ Association (KESSA), Kenya’s premier research and academic organization. He is the editor-in-chief of Kenya Studies Review and Eastern Africa Journal of Humanities and Sciences. Prof. Amutabi has conducted extensive research on many issues of development. He has taught courses on peace and conflict and gender and development. He teaches in the PhD and Masters Programme in the Institute of Peace and Security Studies at Kisii University. He enjoys blogging and writing and is an avid sports fan, but does not support any of team, preferring to support the team that plays well.
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